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Terms and Conditions

1. Legal information and its acceptance

This legal information rules the access and use of the website www.freeapps3.com (hereinafter, the “Website”) that AppAz offers the internet users that are interested on its contents and services related with software downloading (hereinafter, the “Users”).

The purpose of the Website is to offer information and software related to Android technology.

AppAz is entitled to modify, to its sole discretion and without any prior notice, the design, structure or configuration of the Website, as well as any or all services, or to add new services.

The use of the Website implies the full acceptance of the information and regulations contained herein, in the version published at any time the User uses the Website. Likewise, AppAz informs the Users that this Legal Information can be modified without any prior notice. Regarding this, the User must carefully read this information at any time he uses the Website due to the possible modifications made.

The use of certain services offered to the Users through the Website could have its own particular terms that can substitute, complete and / or modify this General terms. Due to this fact, prior to the use of such services, the User must carefully read and accept, as well, the special conditions applicable.

2. Access and Use conditions

The User undertakes to diligently use the Website and the services provided, according with the law, this terms of use and the generally accepted moral codes, as well as to any particular conditions that could, if applicable, and with due respect for all the users.

Any use of this Website made with any different purpose is expressly forbidden.

The User shall not use any of the materials and / or information contained herein with an illicit purpose that is expressly forbidden in this General Terms or in the particular ones, if applicable, that could be deemed as contrary to the rights and interests owned by AppAz, its members or third parties, and such User shall be deemed liable in the event such obligations are unfulfilled or in the event the information and materials contained in the website, the information systems, or the documents or files, or any kind of content stored in any computer device owned by AppAz, its members or any of the Users are damaged, harmed, overloaded, or can’t be normally used in any way (hacking and introduction of virus included).

In general terms, the rendering of services does not require any subscription or prior filling of any form by the Users. Notwithstanding this, AppAz could make the use of certain services conditional on the provision of certain personal data or the filling of a register form, selecting a username and a password that the User undertakes to dully keep and use.

The use of the password is personal and untransferable and its transfer to third parties is not allowed. To that end, the User shall adopt all the necessary measures to keep the password safe, avoiding its use by third parties. Due to this, the User shall be the only one liable for the use of its password, holding AppAz harmless. In the event the User may have knowledge or suspicion of the use of its password by third parties, he shall notify AppAz as soon as possible.

The aforementioned registry shall be done according with the service provided and with what is set forth in the particular terms that rule such service.

All the information provided by the User must be true. To that end, the User guarantees the reality of the data provided in order to use the services.

Likewise, the User shall keep updated all the information provided to AppAz in order that such information reflects the User’s current situation. The User shall be the only person liable for inaccurate or false statements made and for the prejudices caused to AppAz or third parties due to such information provided.

According with AppAz’s anti spamming policy, the User undertakes to refrain from using and collecting data from the distribution lists available through the information and / or services contained in the Website in order to use them with advertising or promotional purposes, as well as to use them with the intention to send non requested promotional communications that are not allowed by AppAz.

The User that does not fulfill (either intentionally or not) any of the aforementioned obligations shall be liable for any damages or prejudices caused.

3. Disclaimers and warranties

AppAz shall not be liable for any damages or prejudices of any nature, unless in the events expressly mentioned herein, due to inaccuracy, thoroughgoing, updating, as well as due to mistakes or omissions of the information or services contained in the Website or related to any content available through the Website. AppAz does not undertake to verify or check the content or information contained in other websites available from the Website.

Likewise, AppAz does not guarantee the availability, continuity or infallibility of the Website and, due to that, does not assume any liability due to damages or prejudices of any nature arisen from such lack of availability or continuity of the Website or the services offered, as well as from mistakes in the access of the websites offering the services.

AppAz shall not be liable for any damages or prejudices due to services rendered by third parties though the Website as well as the means offered by those third parties in order to manage the service requests. In particular, AppAz shall not be liable for any unfair competition acts, illicit advertising, lack of veracity, exhaustively, mistakes, and or updating of the contents send, defunded, stored, received, managed or available from the services provided by third parties through this Website.


AppAz offers its Users a blog where they can express their opinions and discuss about the existing software available in android technology.

By using such service, the Users must have accepted the General Terms of Use of the Blog contained herein.

1. General terms of use and its acceptance

This general terms rule the rendering of the blog service by AppAz, as well as the acceptance and use of the blog by the Users.

The use of the blog is conditioned to the prior filling of a form, by means of which the User shall provide AppAz with its name and e-mail address, as well as to the prior acceptance of the general terms contained herein. The use of the blog grants the condition of User and implies the full acceptance of the conditions contained herein, in the version in force at any time the User uses the service.

The use of the blog is subject to all the notices, rules and instructions given by AppAz to the Users, as well to the General Terms of Use of the Website.

AppAz is entitled to modify, at any time and without any prior notice, this General Terms. Such modifications shall be applicable as soon as they are available for the Users through the Website. AppAz recommends its Users to verify the General Terms every time they use the blog, as they could have been modified. The User must fully comply the terms contained herein in order to be entitled to use the Blog.

In the event the User does not accept these general terms or any other future terms adopted by AppAz, the User shall refrain from using the blog.

2. Purpose and description of the service

The purpose of these General Terms is to define the rendering of the blog service through internet. The Users, for free and after having duly filed a register form will be enabled to exchange, accede, answer messages, and, in general terms, chat with other Users in order to express their opinions, information, activities, services contained in the Website, or that are available from the Website, as well as about matters related to AppAz.

3. Access to the service

The access to the service shall be done through the filling of a form. The User shall be liable for bad use of any username, password, keys or any other code that were necessary for the access.

4. Users’ obligations

The User undertakes to use the service according with the law, these general terms, the personal data protection policy as well as the generally accepted moral codes.

The User undertakes to refrain from using the service with purposes that differ from the ones detailed herein, and in particular, not to use any of the materials and / or information contained herein with an illicit purpose that is expressly forbidden in this General Terms or in the particular ones, if applicable, that could be deemed as contrary to the rights and interests owned by AppAz, its members or third parties. In particular, and among others, it is forbidden to send or make available though any possible mean any information, message, file, picture, software, or any other material, data or content which:

(i) In any way attempt against any other member of the blog or any other person.

(ii) Include obscene or reprehensible contents which any third party may find disturbing.

(iii) Spread contents that may infringe or violate third parties’ rights

(iv) Encourage others to infringe this general terms.

(v) Are used for commercial purposes or illicit purposes.

(vi) Break any regulation regarding secret in communications.

AppAz is entitled to suspend any User from using the blog due to un fulfillment of this terms, as well as to eliminate any message that contains any information related to the points (i) to (vi) above, without any prior or subsequent notification.

5. Exemption of liability

The messages and contents expressed by the Users do not reflect AppAz’s opinion, as they reflect the Users’ opinion, and the Users’ are the only ones liable for their content. AppAz excludes itself from any liability arisen from any message or content causing any kind of prejudices to any third party.

AppAz does not guarantee the availability, continuity or infallibility of the Website and, due to that, does not assume any liability due to damages or prejudices of any nature arisen from such lack of availability or continuity of the Website or the services offered, as well as from mistakes in the access of the websites offering the services

6. Personal data

As detailed in point 1 above, access and use of the blog requires prior acceptance of these general terms. AppAz informs its Users that their personal data will be managed according the regulations in force, as well as according with the personal data protection policy of the Website.

Likewise, the User expressly accepts that the comments and opinions made for him in the Blog shall be available through the internet search engines.

The Users guarantee that the personal data provided are real, in force and updated, and undertake to keep them dully updated.

7. Security measures

Bearing in mind that the security measures are not impregnable, AppAz can not guarantee that any third party, either authorized or not, may have knowledge of the use made by the Users, or that they can access, intercept, erase, modify or manipulate the messages and communications of any kind that the Users may make available to third parties.

8. No license

AppAz authorizes the User to use the intellectual property rights related to the software that enables the running of the services only to be used according with the purposes set forth herein.

AppAz does not grant any license regarding its intellectual property rights referred to this Blog or Website.

9. Applicable Law

These legal terms are entirely ruled by the Spanish Law.


1. Information rights and express consent

The data protection policy governs access and use of the website www.freeapps3.com (hereinafter, the “Website”) that the company Feliu-Grau Grup Inversor, S.L. (hereinafter, “AppAz”) makes available, free of charge, to Internet users interested in the site's services and content (hereafter "Users").

AppAz informs its Users that files containing personal data of users and customers have been created by AppAz and are dully filed with the Data Protection Registry.

AppAz does not sell or rent its users’ personal data to third parties with commercial purposes without the users’ prior consent. However, AppAz is enabled to disclose personal data in order to (i) fulfill a legal requirement, (ii) demand the fulfillment of its policies, (iii) answer claims regarding the breach or protection of any third party’s rights or its property or security, in the event they are affected by advertisements or contents.

2. Purpose

The Users’ personal data are collected with the following purposes:

  • Creation of a community of users interested in software, where they can share their opinions and favorite programs with other AppAz users.
  • To provide users' opinions about software through forums or any other electronic means.
  • To inform the Users about anything related to the software.
  • To study and analyze information provided by the Users in order to evaluate new trends or services.
  • To share and send contents and opinions.
  • To send e-communications with promotional and informative purposes regarding the software sector or any others that could be interesting, as the ones indicated on clause 7 below.

3. Mandatory or optional nature of the information provided by the User and reliability of the information

The User must complete the fields specified with an asterisk (*) in the registration form, as they are strictly necessary to respond to its request. The filling of the other fields is voluntary.

The User guarantees that the personal information provided is true and agrees to inform AppAz of any changes to the same.

The User guarantees that the personal information provided is exact and up to date and reflects the User's current status. The User is responsible for keeping his or her information up to date at all times. The User is responsible for any mistake or error in the data provided, and shall be liable for any damage deriving from said errors, as regards AppAz or third parties, by virtue of using the services offered by AppAz.

4. User Consent

By filling of the form and sending his or her personal data, the User declares to have read and expressly accepted the legal terms, and grants his or her consent to the automated handling of his or her details, according with the purposes being informed and services provided by AppAz.

Moreover, the User expressly consents that his or her opinions and the contents provided by him or her are handled by AppAz for the indicated purposes.

5. Information provided by minors

Users older than fourteen years old are able to register into the Website without their parents' or tutors' prior consent.

In the event the User is a minor under fourteen, their parents' or tutors' prior consent is required for the handling of the minor's personal data.

The minor will be never asked about other members of his/her family's professional or economical situation or their privacy.

If you are a minor under fourteen and you have accessed this Website without letting your parents know, please do not register as a User.

6. Connecting through Google and Facebook

The User registered through its Google or Facebook is transferring his/her Google or Facebook data to his/her AppAz user profile.

By doing so, the User will link its Google or Facebook profile, when applicable, with its AppAz profile, and the User who was not previously registered will be registered in AppAz, accepting the Website’s legal terms, in order to carry out such linking.

According with AppAz legal policy, only users over the age of 14 may register.

AppAz complies with privacy and data protection legislation.

7. Electronic communications

By completing and submitting an electronic form to AppAz, Users expressly consent to receive bulletins concerning the most relevant news, innovation, and information regarding the website, as well as electronic communications relating to the sector and the following sectors:

  • IT and Technology:
    • IT, software and technology
    • Internet
    • Digital TV / Satellite / Cable
    • Fixed telephony
    • Mobile telephony
  • Gastronomy / Food
  • Art / Crafts, Decorating and Interiors
  • News and communications about working with and joining non-government organisations / Charity
  • Construction / DIY
  • Pets
  • Business exchange services
  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Franchises
  • Financial services:
    • Finance
    • Private bank
    • Stock market and investments
    • Brokers
    • Credit: Loans and mortgages
    • Accounts and credit cards
    • Investment funds
    • Mortgages
    • Renting / leasing
    • Insurance
  • Property offers
  • Motor / Cars/ Sailing
  • Leisure and Entertainment:
    • Digital channels
    • Leisure
    • Cinema and Shows
    • Culture / Museums
    • Photography
    • Games
    • Restaurants and Nightclubs
    • Videogames and multimedia
  • Articles for women and men:
    • Shoes
    • Cosmetics and Perfume
    • Personal care
    • Jewelry, watches and optics
    • Fashion and accessories
  • Travel:
    • Flight offers
    • Hotel offers
    • Trips
    • Rent vehicles with and without engines
    • Rural tourism
    • Holidays and weekends
    • Business trips
  • Children’s products:
    • Products for Babies
    • Children's shoes
    • Toys / Educational games
    • Baby / Youths clothes
  • Music / Books
  • Training/ Employment
  • Health and Well-being:
    • Food
    • Ecology and Environment
    • Health, Healthy Life
  • Funeral services
  • Sports:
    • Team sports (Football, Basketball, etc.)
    • Maritime sports
    • Adventure and extreme sports
    • Sports equipment
    • Fitness
    • Tennis, Golf, skiing and cycling

AppAz has established mechanisms by which users can reject said services, simply and at zero cost.

To do so the user must enter the access menu and de-activate the relevant sending options in the electronic communications section. Users can also deactivate this service by clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the e-mails received.

8. Security

AppAz informs its Users that it has adopted the technical and organizational measures laid down by law to protect their personal data and to prevent it from being altered, lost, handled or accessed without authorization, bearing in mind the status of the technology, nature of the data saved and the risks to which they are exposed, in accordance with all the regulations in force.

9. Cookies and IPs

The User agrees with the use by AppAz of cookies and IP tracking. Our software and the site's traffic analyzer use cookies and IP trackers that collect data for statistical purposes, including: date of first visit, number of visits, date of last visit, URL and domain, operating system, browser and screen resolution. The User is also free to de-activate and/or eliminate cookies by following the instructions given by their Internet browser.

Advertising on the Website includes Google AdSense, a system that uses cookies to display advertising that relates to the pages viewed by the User.

When a user accesses a site that uses Google AdSense, a cookie that allows Google to collect the information about the user's activity is activated in order to manage and publish advertisements through Google Adsense.

The user can deactivate Google cookies by deactivating cookies in their browser.

10. Right to Access, Correct and Cancel Personal Data

The User is entitled to access this information, correct it if there are mistakes and cancel their AppAz account.

Users can exercise these rights via the configuration menu in their personal profile, which they can access using their email address and password.

If users experience problems while exercising their online rights or if they have doubts or questions related to our Personal Data Protection Policy they can contact us directly at legal@freeapps3.com, indicating the reference matter.

Personal data processing, as well as commercial electronic communications, are in accordance with the regulations currently in force.

11. Modification of the Data Protection Policy

AppAz reserves its right to modify this policy to adapt it to future legislative or case law developments.

12. Applicable Law

Unless a specific local regulation sets forth the contrary, the Data Protection Policy and the rest of the Legal Conditions concerning the website are governed by Spanish law.

13. Contents provided by AppAz users

By providing content to the Website, the User declares that he or she is the legitimate owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights or is authorized to distribute the content and communicate it to the public, and authorizes and therefore expressly assigns to AppAz the content provided so that it may be copied, distributed, and publically communicated through any electronic means, primarily Internet and e-mail, throughout the world, and for an indefinite period of time.

Users who decide to share and provide content and/or information through AppAz, such as discussions, files, opinions, blogs, and any other content, expressly consent for this content to be published and indexed on Google and other Internet search engines.

AppAz does not allow the distribution, management, or communication of content that degrades the quality of the service. AppAz prohibits the inclusion of the following content, among others:

  • That presumed to be illegal under national, European community, or international law or that performs activities that are presumed to be illegal or that contravene the principles of good faith.
  • That does not meet the parameters for quality established by AppAz.
  • That attacks the fundamental rights of persons, that can search for user vulnerabilities, that lacks courtesy online, that bothers people or can lead to negative opinions among our users or third parties. Concretely, and including by not limited to: any legal rights of third parties; those that encourage or enable the creation, maintenance, and stimulation of businesses related to divination, tarot, "occult sciences," or any other related content; and in general any content that AppAz considers inappropriate for its users, and in particular, for minors.
  • And in general, that contravenes the principles of legality, honor, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of the public order, protection of private lives, protection of consumers, and intellectual and industrial property rights.

Likewise, AppAz reserves the power to remove from the Website that content which it considered inappropriate to the characteristics and purpose of AppAz.

AppAz cannot control each and every piece of content published, such that it cannot assume responsibility for the content.

In any regard, content uploaded and published is reviewed periodically to ensure AppAz’s principles of quality, as well as the rules herein indicated.

Any user who uploads content that contravenes the laws in force shall assume sole responsibility for the damages and consequences that arise therefrom, releasing AppAz from any liability.